Claudio Quarta Vignaiolo

Lu Capucanali

Tenute Eméra
The summer appointment with the values ​​of peasant culture,
At the end of August, every year, one can transform oneself into a winemaker and truly experience the harvest, its rites, values ​​and Apulian traditions: the manual harvesting of the bunches, the pressing with the feet in the 16th century millstones, the shared lunch in the shade of the pine forest of the ancient farmhouse, accompanied by work songs and the rhythms of popular music.

Lu Capucanali at Tenute Eméra is a large collective festival to celebrate the grape harvest, through the rediscovery and enhancement of traditions linked to the agricultural universe. Lu Capucanali is in fact one of the traditions that belong to this part of Salento, where already two centuries ago the "masters" celebrated the conclusion of particularly important work in the countryside, sharing lunch with the labourers.

Lunch, therefore, as a final and celebratory moment of the efforts faced and shared together, but also of the hopes placed in the harvest, for what the grapes will be able to transform into: wine. Heart of the economy of entire rural communities for centuries and symbol, today, of the redemption of an Apulian territory that has been able to innovate by recovering a high quality profile to one of its most ancient productive and cultural identities.

Next edition summer 2024
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