Moros Winery

A Vineyard, a Winery, a Wine





The small boutique winery exclusively dedicated to the production of a cru, is a jewel of industrial architecture and oenological history, born from a refined conservative restoration of an old Apulian factory of 1950. Moros winery contains the history of Salento and Guagnano, the epicenter of Salice Salentino DOP: already among the historic social cellars of the “Terre del Negroamaro“, it is located near the railway station, once a necessary location to ship large wine tanks to reinvigorate productions from other areas. The restoration work completed in 2012 gave new beauty and new function to the production environments, such as the ferment vats and the old underground tanks which have become meeting rooms and barrel cellar, places where art and wine dialogue daily.

The name recalls the dark color of Negroamaro and celebrates the Greek god Moros (Hemera’s brother, whom the name of Tenute Eméra was inspired from) and keeper of the row of Fate. At the entrance, the story donated by the writer Annalisa Bari inspired by the Greek divinity welcomes visitors. A literary work which celebrates the uniqueness of the place and the project that Claudio Quarta wanted to create in this winery, “A Vineyard, a Winery, a Wine“, to obtain a cru of excellence, aiming at the authentic essence of a wine which has written the history of Salento: the Salice Salentino DOP. It is probably the only winery in Puglia to be dedicated to the exclusive production of a single wine and in very small quantities, just 6600 bottles per year. It is a pure rarity on the national and international scene as well.

The Winery

It is Claudio Quarta Vignaiolo’s headquarter, and a small contemporary art gallery: among the wooden barrels, the desks, the production spaces, some paintings of considerable value are alternated with the magnificent mural “Germinazioni3” created by the Maestro Ercole Pignatelli, a great protagonist of Italian and European figurative culture since the 1960s, while the underground cellar holds the precious archeological finds telling the ancient history of wine in the private “Museum of the Symposium of Claudio Quarta“.
Visitors to the winery are accompanied on a unique journey between wine and the artistic and architectural beauty that redesigned the workplace. Periodically are hosted here photographic and pictorial exhibitions of emerging artists, wine tastings – sometimes associated with impromptu moments of dance and theater. This is possible because Moros is a unique place, where you can breathe the special link between Art and Wine.

Land, Vineyard and Wine

The first vintage of Moros, the prestigious 2012 – now a collector’s label, immediately conquered the great American pens and the palate of the greatest international wine judges: Robert Parker in his The Wine Advocate and Wine Spectator in fact awarded a prestigious 90/100 to its debut on the international market in 2015.

It was born in Salento, from Negroamaro saplings and very few stumps of black Malvasia, as in the ancient local tradition, in an old vineyard of just over 1 hectare, recovered and saved from abandonment, on the characteristic clayey and dark soil. The harvest is strictly performed manually and the yield is low to reach the highest quality.
The grapes are processed in the small modern cellar and the wine is transferred by gravity down to the underground barrel, which houses the French oak barriques where Moros ages for 12 months.

Moros Salice Salentino Riserva

Salice Salentino Riserva DOP

Il colore è rosso intenso, profondo, con riflessi amaranto. Il suo profumo, particolarmente accattivante, ha spiccate note di vaniglia e confettura di ciliegia. Al palato è marcato il sapore di frutti a bacca rossa con fini note balsamiche e sfumature dolci provenienti dal legno.